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New Name, New Logo

Global Aero Logistics launches re-branding program

eTN Staff Writer  Feb 27, 2009

Global Aviation Holdings, Inc. is the new name announced today to replace Global Aero Logistics, Inc. The new corporate name is accompanied by the tagline, Customized Air Transport and a crisp new logo and marketing design that clearly represent the company's world-wide presence and diverse aviation transport services.

"We are focused on growing our commercial cargo and passenger business, and the new name and identity will better represent the leading role we play in the charter aviation transport industry," said Rob Binns, chief executive officer. "This is also an appropriate time to launch our marketing and branding efforts in a much more structured way that will be meaningful to our customers."

"We are all in a tough economic climate right now, but we have built the Global Aviation Holdings fleet to accommodate future demand," Binns said. "We have two excellent fleets at our subsidiaries, World Airways and North American Airlines. We now have more than 30 aircraft ready to serve passenger and freight needs, in addition to supporting our extensive US military business. Under the new holding company name, World Airways and North American Airlines will continue to provide customized air transport for all of our customers, just as they do today."

Global Aero Logistics launches re-branding program
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