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Boeing, Continental Sued

4 passengers sue Boeing in Denver crash

AP  Feb 27, 2009

DENVER — Four passengers on a Continental Airlines jet that veered off a Denver runway in December have filed suit against the jet's maker.

The lawsuits filed in federal court in Denver allege that Boeing Co. negligently designed and manufactured certain parts of the plane, including its "directional control mechanisms."

The complaints contend the defective parts made it hard for the pilots to maintain runway heading while taking off in high crosswinds.

Boeing did not immediately return a call seeking comment Wednesday night.

On Dec. 20, the Houston-bound Boeing 737 veered sharply off the Denver International Airport runway and into a ravine, where it caught fire. The flight was carrying 110 passengers and five crew members; 38 people were injured.

Gusts of up to 37 mph were reported at the airport on the day of the accident, and aviation safety experts have said strong crosswinds likely were a factor in the crash.

The four passengers say they suffered emotional and physical injuries and loss of personal property in the wreck. They're seeking compensatory and other damages.

At least eight other passengers on flight 1404 are suing Continental. They claim the airline failed to properly operate or control the aircraft as it veered off the runway.

Continental has said it is prepared to defend the company's actions and those of the plane's crew.

4 passengers sue Boeing in Denver crash
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