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Travel Professionals Of Color Association

TPOC forecasts heritage tourism will help stimulate economy

eTN Staff Writer  Feb 19, 2009

Travel and tourism has always been a vital part of America’s economy, and it continues to be so even during these difficult economic times. Even though many Americans are cutting back on leisure travel, many are still taking specialized vacations including destinations offering exciting heritage sites and trails.

Travel Professionals of Color Association (TPOC) will address this issue in great detail during their 7th annual Conference and Trade Show being held in Buffalo, New York and will discuss how and why heritage tourism can stimulate the economy. TPOC conference dates are May 14 -17, 2009.

The TPOC Association has done extensive research on heritage tourism, with a strong focus on African-American tourism. African Americans and other minority travelers have a genuine desire to connect with their past and are willing to spend money on leisure travel that provides them a personal and rewarding heritage experience. Statistical reports show that minority tourists spend approximately US$600 billion annually on heritage travel. Destinations and suppliers who reach out to this niche group will benefit and have a hand in helping stimulate the economy.

As a result of extensive research and an in-depth study of the African American traveler, the TPOC Association will release The African American Heritage Tourism Report at the annual conference, highlighting TPOC’s current top 10 destinations for the African American traveler. Much of this information will be discussed at the TPOC Conference in Buffalo. In addition, workshops will be offered on how to reach other minority groups who also enjoy heritage travel.

Anyone who works in travel and tourism is invited to attend this informative conference. TPOC has also developed a Minority Travel Agents Directory. Currently, a free listing in the directory is being offered to travel agents and tour operators. Please register on line at

Conference registration is available online as well or call 1-866-901-1259.

TPOC forecasts heritage tourism will help stimulate economy
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