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Dog Travel Guides

Have dog, will travel

eTN Staff Writer  Feb 10, 2009

POLLOCK PINES, CA - announced today the publication of the 2009 version of its industry-leading United States and Canada online dog travel guides. These complete travel guides give you what you need to plan an exciting vacation with your family and pets. Looking to reduce costs or only have a little time? Search your own city or region for pet-friendly day trips or discover a weekend destination nearby. Want to take a longer trip? Explore many of's top pet-friendly destinations throughout North America.'s guides include many hotels, from high-end luxury resorts to lower cost motels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals. They also include tours, activities, outdoor restaurants, shopping centers, stores, campgrounds, RV parks, beaches, National, state and local parks, off-leash dog parks, day kennels, pet sitting, and emergency veterinarians. These complete travel guides will also show you historical sites, boat tours, museums, train and tram rides, and many other tourist attractions that welcome your dog., founded in 1998, also announced its new blog,'s Dog News. This newest section of has two categories - Dog News and Interesting Dog-Friendly Places. Readers may post comments to articles on the blog which will inform about the most interesting pet-friendly destinations, some not so dog-friendly ones, and news and articles that will interest people who have dogs.

Have dog, will travel
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