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Tony Cervone Appointed

General Motors communications veteran moves over to United Airlines

eTN Staff Writer  Feb 05, 2009

CHICAGO, IL – UAL Corporation, the holding company whose primary subsidiary is United Airlines, today named General Motors Corporation communications veteran Tony Cervone as chief communications officer and senior vice president of corporate communications.

Cervone will oversee internal and external communications, media and public relations, crisis communications, and partnership communications with the Star Alliance and Continental. He joins United effective February 16 and will report to Pete McDonald, executive vice president and chief administrative officer.

Prior to joining United, Cervone served as communications vice president, global strategy and operations for GM. In that role, he led communications teams for GM's four global regions and oversaw product and brand communications, financial communications, executive communications, and a number of other internal and external communications teams.

"Tony is a proven leader with the right combination of applicable experience to hit the ground running and will be a great fit with the rest of our team," McDonald said.

The company also announced a broader, strategic role for Rosemary Moore in her position as senior vice president of corporate and government affairs, with a greater focus on industry, governmental and corporate affairs, and public responsibility.

Moore's responsibilities also will include oversight of corporate image and reputation, and corporate social responsibility, including the environment and social investment. She also will oversee management of issues facing the company and the industry regarding public policy. She will report to United Chairman, president and CEO Glenn Tilton, who also is serving as chairman of the Air Transport Association, for the next two years.

"It is important that we communicate effectively with all our key constituents as we successfully implement our business plan and that we are fully engaged in issues that impact our company, and this industry, at a time of unprecedented convergence of business, government, and social concerns," Tilton said, in announcing the appointments. "Tony brings considerable experience to his role, and Rosemary's combination of expertise and understanding of both United and our industry provide two aligned talents to support and enable our business agenda - and further strengthen our management team."

General Motors communications veteran moves over to United Airlines
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