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SCTA Electronic Tourism Calendar

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia records 1,344 tourism events in 2008

eTN Staff Writer  Feb 02, 2009

In 2008, SCTA's electronic tourism calendar listed 1,344 tourism events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The posted events varied between national and international events such as conferences, symposia, tourism festivals, exhibitions, ceremonies, cultural activities, sports, etc. While MICE and tourism festivals topped the list, the largest number of events was recorded in the Saudi Capital, Riyadh.

On one hand, the calendar's main objective is assisting tourists in finding needed information whether it is tourism events, exhibitions, or conferences held in the Kingdom or, on the other hand, assisting the organizers of these events and service providers, such as hotels, to plan ahead according to the expected demand, which is based on accurate information. The calendar is an accessible method to obtain information throughout the Kingdom from one trust-worthy source. It is updated continuously, almost on a daily basis, with a search engine that searches based on events, regions, dates, themes, etc. The browser can also review daily or monthly activities.

Mr. Hamad Al Sheikh, general director SCTA's programs and tourism products department, explained that the e-calendar has recorded a rise in the number of events in 2008, which resulted from the collaboration of several bodies to register and feed the calendar with information either directly, through e-mail, or several other means.

Mr. Al-Sheikh explained that the tourism events calendar is an important marketing tool, as well as planning event tool between different bodies. "It functions as a vital link between the event organizers, in addition to providing information for tourists wishing to visit these events."
For more information or to access the electronic calendar, please visit: .

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia records 1,344 tourism events in 2008
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