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Food Safety

Frontier Airlines affirms there are no recalled peanuts on their aircraft

eTN Staff Writer  Jan 30, 2009

DENVER, CO - Frontier Airlines wants to assure all of its customers that it is taking every proactive measure to ensure that all food products served on Frontier flights are safe and not involved in any recall efforts, particularly in light of the recent expansion of the peanut recall.

Frontier was recently contacted by Mountain Man Nut and Fruit Company, the airline's supplier for a number of snacks served as "Grizwald's Gourmet Cafe" on Frontier flights, in order to make Frontier aware that Mountain Man is voluntarily recalling some of its products in compliance with a broadening recall of peanuts and peanut products. However, Frontier has worked closely with Mountain Man to confirm that no products involved in the recall have been or currently are being served on Frontier flights.

Furthermore, Frontier proactively works with all food and beverage vendors to make sure all federal requirements are followed for the safe and proper storage, preparation, and distribution of all products served on Frontier planes.

"Frontier's culture of safety first clearly extends to food safety as well," said Frontier chief operating officer Chris Collins. "We want our customers to feel confident that we have done everything in our power to ensure that the products they eat and drink aboard our aircraft have been correctly processed before being served on Frontier flights."

Frontier Airlines affirms there are no recalled peanuts on their aircraft
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