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Dialysis tourist told by airline ‘We’re sorry’

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Nov 30, 2007

AN airline which left behind a kidney patient’s dialysis supplies apologised today.

But Ryanair says its reservations centre was not notified in advance of Colin Price’s flight from Bristol Airport last Saturday.

Colin, a plasterer from Trelewis, Merthyr Tydfil, had booked a long weekend trip on the Costa Brava with his girlfriend’s father, uncle and friend.

As the Echo reported yesterday, Colin said he told the travel agency he booked the trip with that he had to take 40kg of peritoneal dialysis fluid with him.

He was told they had checked with Ryanair and told he would not be charged.

But when he arrived at Bristol he was asked to pay £137 excess baggage, then when he produced a letter from his consultant the cost was waived by a supervisor.

Arriving at Girona Airport, he was left stranded without his supplies when he was told his bag had not been put on the flight because he had not paid the £137.

Colin had to get emergency supplies from a hospital but was able to receive only half the amount of the daily treatment he needs.

Following a fax message to Ryanair headquarters in Dublin, his case arrived in Spain two days late and then he had to pay 64 euro to bring it home.

In a statement, Ryanair said today: “All Ryanair passengers can carry dialysis equipment free of charge once our reservations centre is notified in advance of the flight.”

Ryanair said it had no record that its reservation centre was notified in advance of Colin Price’s condition.

“We apologise that our handling agent in Girona charged Mr Price to carry this item,” the statement continued. “This would not have happened had Mr Price contacted our reservations centre before his flight.

“We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Mr Price, speaking from Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr, where he was undergoing health checks, said: “They’re just back-tracking.

“It was a trip booked at short notice but I was told by the travel agent the company had been given the information.

“I told them ‘please make sure I could take it on the flight with me’. I was told Ryanair head office had okayed it. Several phone calls were made by staff at the airport.

“I haven’t had any refund or any phone call.”

Dialysis tourist told by airline ‘We’re sorry’

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