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eTN Inbox: Assault on American tourists

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eTN Staff writer  Jan 10, 2008

Having just returned from Baja (Los Cabos, I can tell you that this story on assaults on American tourists is blown way out of proportion. (I couldn't read the whole story, so perhaps it only refers to northern Baja??)

1. The area was jam packed with American tourists. Claiming 100 percent capacity, hotels, condos, and other residence options were pretty much at capacity.

2. The economy in Baja is booming, thanks mainly to investments by Americans. There is construction everywhere - major hotel chains, multimillion-dollar homes, hi-end condo complexes, time-share and fractional ownership properties. Prices are up, local people are working, and wages are up.

Restaurants were busy, shops were doing well. If Baja is experiencing anything, it is certainly not hard "times."


Ellen Sarbone, reporter

eTN Inbox: Assault on American tourists

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