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Promoting Tanzania as a tourist destination

Tanzania open for business: Hosts high-level hospitality conference

Apolinari Tairo, eTN Tanzania Correspondent  Sep 08, 2016

TANZANIA (eTN) - Senior executives and investors in the hotel and hospitality industry from Africa are meeting in the Tanzanian capital and commercial city of Dar es Salaam for a two-day conference to discuss pertinent issues facing the fast-growing hotel sector in Africa.

The 4th Annual Africa Hotel Expansion Summit and Hospitality Roundtable to be running today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday) at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre in the city, has attracted over 200 international executives and experts within the hospitality industry who will gather to discuss key issues within the sector.

With a theme “Empowering Investment and Supporting Sustainability,” the prestigious annual conference is being hosted under the stewardship of international conference management company, LNoppen, and hospitality consultancy company, HD Partnership.

The two companies have signed a strategic alliance to join forces in the organization and management of the summit now taking place in Tanzania.

“Tanzania is a top travel destination, not only within Africa but also globally. Many international chains have invested in Tanzania and the country is steadily becoming more influential within the region,” said Ms. Leven Noppen, the conference organizer and Chief Executive Officer of LNoppen Group.

“We saw it fit to conduct this year’s summit in a country with significant and untapped potential within the hospitality sector,” Ms. Lieve Noppen added.

Within the two days, the summit (conference) will focus on a broad range of topics relevant to the business of hospitality and tourism such as revenue management and return on investments, recruitment and human resource, ensuring better guest experience, and tourism competitiveness in Africa.

Various panels will also be carried out alongside many case studies and various country-focused presentations.

“This is the first time for Tanzania to host such a high-level international hospitality conference, that will not only promote Tanzania as a tourist destination but also expose the country to the global investment and development community with [the] message that Tanzania is open for business,” said Meelis Kuuskler, Founder and Managing Director of HD Partnership.

Other countries that hosted the summit in the previous years were Ghana in 2014, Senegal in 2015, and Nigeria in January of this year.

Tanzania open for business: Hosts high-level hospitality conference

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