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Caribbean Food

Grenada and Caribbean foods take top billing in UK food TV show

Linda Straker, eTN Caribbean  Jan 26, 2009

Grenada is among ten Caribbean islands that will be featured for the production of a 10-part cookery television series for UKTV Food, which will focus on the traditional cuisines of the Caribbean and presented by Gary Rhodes.

Mr. Robin Field of Denham Productions, under whose auspices the series is being produced, said: “This will be a culinary journey across the Caribbean through which the cuisine will allow us to explore the different islands, the people, the landscape and the culture – as well as discover a range of delicious traditional dishes. As a true celebration of the islands, the series will also portray the region in a very favorable way, promoting the Caribbean to the UK and beyond.”

Each program will be based in a different island, as Gary Rhodes discovers the best of the regional dishes, learns to cook them, and then cater for a major celebration banquet at the end of the series. The islands to be featured are Jamaica, Tobago, St Lucia, Barbados, Antigua and Curacao

The team arrived in Grenada last Saturday and during their five-night visit the ten-member production team will film at the Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station, River Antoine Rum Distillery, and BB’s Crab Back Restaurant. They will also film the cooking sequences at the Gary Rhodes Restaurant at the Calabash Hotel.

Denham Productions has produced two similar series during the last two years entitled “Rhodes across India” and “Rhodes across China” which were both hugely successful series in terms of viewers. “Rhodes across India” was the most successful commission ever produced by UKTV Food when it was broadcast, and the exposure was of great value to all those involved.

Grenada Board of Tourism (GBT) director William Joseph said that Grenada is delighted for this opportunity to be highlighted on the UKTV Food Network. “What we have here is a marketing bonanza for Grenada,” he said. “We already has a strong foundation in the UK and this I am sure will strengthen it.”

As one of the most important and successful multi-channel providers in the UK that attracts 27 million viewers each month, with its nine distinctive TV channels, the GBT is satisfied that Grenada’s program in this series will be of a high quality, and would serve to generate additional interest among potential visitors.

Grenada and Caribbean foods take top billing in UK food TV show

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