How to plan a European casino vacation


If you love playing casino games and traveling across Europe, then you can plan a European casino vacation in such a way that you get to visit some of the best casinos in Europe and take part in some of the most prestigious tournaments that give you the opportunity to cash-out with large prizes.

If you prefer to tour Europe, but learn how to play casino games first, you should search for casinos online. Blackjack for example is a game with different strategies and it would be best to try it out first. When playing online blackjack first , you will learn the rules, get the tips and be much more prepared when you hit the blackjack tables.

Some of the best places to visit in Europe for a casino vacation include Malta, the Czech Republic and Estonia. All three places have some of the best casinos in Europe and also offer visitors a great opportunity to enjoy some spectacular sites, great cuisine and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Malta: The Dragonara Casino is one of the oldest casinos in Malta and has recently been through a massive makeover designed to bring in more tourists and give them a better gaming experience. Some of the other popular casinos in Malta include Casino Malta and The Casino at Portomaso. Travelers to Matla can visit the Blue Grotto for some great scuba diving; explore the caves or some time visiting the markets. Another great place to enjoy chill out and relax is Comino which offers visitors a beautiful lagoon, a great beach and snorkeling.

Czech Republic: The Czech Republic does not get as many visitors as some of the other countries in Europe. However it has a number of popular casinos such as the Casino Happy Day, Kings Casino, Casino Royal and Banco Casino. The King’s Casino has the biggest poker room in all of Europe and is known for hosting some of the biggest poker tournaments in Europe. Visitors to the Czech Republic can visit the Prague Castle, do the Vltava River Cruise, visit the Charles Bridge and the St. Vitus Cathedral.

Estonia: The number of visitors to Estonia is increasing with every passing year and one of the reasons for the boost in tourism is due to the number of exciting poker tournaments taking place in the Old Town of Tallinn. Visitors can enjoy a quiet vacation when not playing at the casinos and get to experience some great local cuisine, enjoy some of the medieval structures and the Lahemaa National Park.
Poker players interested in a European casino vacation will do well to check out the European Poker Tour (EPT) website and make note of the tour stops so they can plan their dates accordingly.