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British Airways

BA flight makes emergency landing in Nigeria: airline

AFP  Jan 25, 2009

LAGOS — A British Airways plane bound for London made an emergency landing in northern Nigeria late Saturday night, the airline said Sunday.

"The flight crew detected fumes in the cockpit and took the decision to divert as a precaution. The flight landed safely in Kano," the nearest airport, a statement said.

"We apologise to passengers for the inconvenience caused. We are doing all we can to get them to their intended destination as soon as possible.

"Engineers are inspecting the aircraft. There are absolutely no indications that there was any fire or flames coming from the engines," it added.

Nigerian media had reported that the BA Boeing 777 had taken off from Abuja with 155 people on board when the crew detected smoke coming from one of the engines.

BA flight makes emergency landing in Nigeria: airline
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