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Boating tragedy marked the Island of La Digue in Seychelles

Tragedy in paradise: Seychellois stood together are words by an exhausted tourism minister St.Ange

Aug 15, 2016

After having attended a fun filled festival on the Indian Ocean island of La Dique in the Seychelles, a local family left on their small boat to get back to their home on the nearby island of Praslin. Their boat capsized mid way and the skipper swam back towards La Digue to get help.

As a result an armada of vessels from La Digue and Praslin were put in action.

From William Rose and his Team to Joe Albert's Cat Cocos to the Wahe-Hive and so many others searched the ocean until almost midnight, unfortunately with no success.

The search party resumed early Sunday morning at daybreak with Louis D'Offay and Wahe-Hive in their private boats joining the Seychelles Coast Guards.

It came almost as a miracle when two passengers were found alive floating in the waters and transferred to Praslin Hospital.

The remaining three passengers, two ladies and a gentleman sadly did not survive the ordeal.

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture who was on board the Cat Cocos boat all night.He was there together with the search party.

On the same boat with the minister was Anne Lafortune, the Principal Secretary for Tourism, Benjamine Rose, the Principal Secretary for Culture, Chantal Guislain, the MNA for La Digue and the Inner Islands among many others.

After three and a half hours on the sea and just before midnight Saturday night as Cat Cocos docked at La Digue Jetty, Tourism Minister St.Ange spoke to an anxiously waiting large crowd at the jetty. They remained on the harbor in hopes of good news.

On Sunday morning Minister St.Ange accompanied members of the suffering family including two children of one of the deceased to Praslin Island after two passengers were found alive in the sea.

The Minister had this to say: "Seychellois stood together in this sad incident and everyone prayed for a miracle."

St.Ange continued to say: "The youngest passenger from the capsized boat was only 5 and he was found alive, and today we know that three among the 6 on board made it out alive."

"The people of La Digue and Praslin stood as a united group and worked together to help as much as possible" St.Ange said

At 8.30pm on Sunday evening as La Digue's traditional MOUTYA Show was about to get underway and in front of thousands of locals and tourists Minister Alain St.Ange accompanied by Jimmy Savy, the CEO of the National Arts Council and members of the La Digue Feast Organising Committee stood with the Fernande Ladouce Madilo Group to call for 'a minute of silence'.

Just before the crowd held hands to observe the minute of silence Minister St.Ange asked everyone to remember the three Seychellois who had lost their lives in this terrible boating accident and to remember their surviving families in prayers.

"It was such an emotional moment" said Jimmy Savy of the National Arts Council before the MOUTYA Group started their performance for the night.

Tragedy in paradise:  Seychellois stood together are words by an exhausted tourism minister St.Ange

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