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Crystal Cruises

Luxury cruise line launches dynamic new website

Aug 09, 2016

LOS ANGELES, CA - In the midst of the largest brand expansion in luxury travel history, Crystal Cruises today unveiled its new website, a dynamic and engaging presentation of the unrivaled luxury travel experiences that comprise The World’s Most Luxurious Hospitality & Lifestyle Brand Portfolio — Crystal Cruises, Crystal Yacht Cruises, Crystal River Cruises, Crystal Luxury Air, Crystal AirCruises, Crystal Exclusive Class cruises and Crystal Residences.

Mirroring the company’s growth from a highly acclaimed, boutique luxury line into an all-encompassing travel portfolio with an unprecedented collection of elegant all-inclusive journeys by ocean, river, yacht and air, the new site reflects Crystal’s transformation on a boldly immersive platform. Visually inspired by the company’s All Exclusive brand campaign, visitors are immediately drawn into the Crystal Experience, ready to embark on a digital adventure into the nuanced exclusivities of each brand.

Travelers will also find intuitive new features on the seamless interface that further bring their luxury vacation options to life. Video, an interactive Cruise Calendar and an industry-first “compare” feature that allows users to explore options not only within a single Crystal brand, but across all Crystal experiences, all combine to offer one of the most compelling web-based journeys in the world.

“It is imperative that travelers glean a true sense of what is in store for them on a Crystal vacation when they visit our website. Like the extraordinary luxury experiences offered with our rapidly growing fleet, the new Crystal website reflects a standard of excellence and inspiring possibilities,” says Edie Rodriguez, president and CEO of Crystal. “With its responsive infrastructure and stylish design, our new site offers guests a comprehensive portal to Crystal’s collection of luxury travel experiences that they can navigate with ease.”

Compatible across all types of technology, the new Crystal website utilizes a horizontal swipe experience with a tablet-first approach to the design, keeping the visitor constantly engaged with movement, stunning photography and insightful slide shows. The flow-design and reimagined content presentation leads visitors through vacation planning and discovery with more concise content and easy-to-use tools. Combining new engaging online experiences with enhancements of the original features, some highlights of the new website include:

• Interactive Cruise Guidebook — updated with engaging slide shows, simplified usability and information about each vessel to bring the Crystal Experience to life.

• Dynamic Cruise Calendars — new filters and an updated design allow for enhanced ease when navigating type of travel (ocean, yacht, river), destinations, departure dates and duration.

• Innovative Compare Feature — the newest component to Cruise Calendar allows for comparison of up to three voyages on any Crystal experience, as well as the ability to compare travel among the different Crystal travel experiences.

Crystal worked with VML, a Kansas City, MO-based global marketing agency renowned for its expertise in digital technology, to develop the contemporary design and high-performance framework behind the new website which launched with dedicated U.S. and U.K. platforms to accommodate the line’s continued growth.

Luxury cruise line launches dynamic new website

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