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UK fireworks team gets set to dazzle in Macao International Fireworks Display Contest

Aug 05, 2016

LONDON, England - One of the UK’s leading competitive fireworks teams, Pyro 2000 Ltd, which provides the fireworks for the world famous Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, is getting ready to compete in the 28th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest this September. The competition will take place on the waterfront at the Macau Tower on the nights of the 3rd, 10th, 15th and 24th September and 1st October, during which the sky above Macao will be lit up with awe-inspiring displays of pyrotechnic prowess for everyone to see.

The UK team will be competing against nine other countries for top spot, including Thailand, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Italy, Canada, Romania and China; and in an homage to their home nation, the carefully choreographed display will be dedicated to the one and only James Bond. The team previously competed in Macao in 2000, where they narrowly missed out on first place, to the same Portuguese team that they’ll face in this year’s contest.

Located just 40 miles from Hong Kong, Macao is one of Asia’s most exciting and fascinating destinations and the ideal location for this unmissable competition, universally acclaimed as one of the best of its kind. Visitors will enjoy a spectacular light and sound show as the fireworks illuminate the night sky above the Macau Tower waterfront in a series of dazzling, choreographed displays. The UK team will be competing on the evening of 10th September.

Graham Wilkinson, head of the Pyro 2000 Ltd team, says, “We’re very excited to be competing in the 28th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest, and this time around we have no intention of missing out on that first place spot! Contestants are asked to use both laser light effects and music during their shows, and we’re very much hoping that our specialised skills in these areas will give us an edge over the other contestants.”

Pyro 2000 was set up in 1996, and since then the team has travelled the world competing in international competitions. They have won first place three times in Canada, as well as winning in Belgium and Ottawa, Monaco and Cape Town in addition to their previous success in Macao.

UK fireworks team gets set to dazzle in Macao International Fireworks Display Contest

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