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Destination Jönköping AB partners with Strayboots

Strayboots bringing first public scavenger hunt to Sweden

Aug 03, 2016

NEW YORK, NY - Strayboots, a global provider of mobile team building scavenger hunts, announced today its partnership with Destination Jönköping AB to bring the first public scavenger hunt to Sweden. The partnership will begin with an interactive tour of the city of Gränna, with plans for more cities to follow.

The partnership with Destination Jönköping is part of a larger regional initiative to increase awareness of the area among domestic and international tourists and companies. The scavenger hunt will offer visitors an interactive tour of Gränna that they will be able to access on their smartphones free of charge though a dedicated URL and additional information provided at Tourism Offices throughout the city. Gränna is situated in Jönköping Municipality, Sweden with 2,553 inhabitants in 2010. As the fourth largest municipality in Sweden, Jönköping is a popular destination among both domestic and foreign travelers, averaging $3.8 billion in tourism sales and 1.4 million day visits in 2015.

"We are excited about working with Strayboots to help visitors have fun discovering all that Jönköping has to offer by creating the best mobile experiences to showcase Gränna," said Patrik Olderius, CEO of Destination Jönköping AB. "Swedes are among the most mobile-savvy people in the EU so working with Strayboots to create something truly innovative was a natural fit for us."

According to figures provided by Destination Jönköping AB, 77% Swedes have a smartphone, with 76% using it to access the Internet and 57% navigating using a mobile GPS. Added Mr. Olderius, "People expect two things when it comes to using their smartphone for information: to be educated and to be entertained. As a partner, Strayboots has a unique understanding of how to do both."

Strayboots brings a proven track record creating fun, interactive scavenger hunts incorporating the latest advances in mobile technology. Strayboots' scavenger hunts are deployed in more than 50 major cities throughout the USA and used for team building by more than 600 corporations, including Fortune 100 companies and organizations worldwide. The partnership with Destination Jönköping AB continues the company's expansion to global markets helping clients reach and attract mobile audiences through engaging discovery experiences designed for their smartphone.

"Our team is thrilled to be working with Destination Jönköping to translate the beauty and history of Gränna into a memorable scavenger hunt experience for visitors," said Strayboots co-founder and Senior Vice President, Jeremy Brooks. "We look forward to helping to increase awareness of the area as a world travel destination and center of business and technology innovation for tourists and companies alike."

Strayboots bringing first public scavenger hunt to Sweden

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