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Turkish Airlines CEO Temel Kotil aims for 50% flight operation today

Did Turkish airlines chairman İlker Aycı perform magic?

Jul 16, 2016

According to M. İlker Aycı, chairman of Turkish Airlines, flights are due to resume at 1100 GMT or 2 pm Istanbul time on Saturday. He said this, according to CNN Turk. If he was correct, this would come close to a miracle.

Turkish Airlines CEO Temel Kotil told another eTN source, he expects to operate around 50% of its scheduled operations today after resuming flights.

eTN contacted Yahya Ustun, SVP Media Relations Turkish Airlines.

He told eTurboNews: "Because of the unexpected unrest that occurred on July 16, 2016 in Turkey, please kindly refer to for the current list of our canceled flights."

He continued: "We kindly ask our passengers to check the latest information about their flights before their trip on our official website."

It's now 2:30 pm in Istanbul, and it appears some flights are in fact boarding, but the confusion reported earlier is continuing.

Earlier, the airline made a similar commitment to resume operation for 3 am GMT or 6 am Istanbul time.

Passengers able to actually talk to a a Turkish Airlines agent were told non-refundable tickets will remain non-refundable - no exceptions.

Did Turkish airlines chairman İlker Aycı perform magic?
M. İlker Aycı, chairman Turkish Airlines

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