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Los Angeles International Airport construction activities to cause passenger impacts

Jul 02, 2016

LOS ANGELES, CA - The modernization of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) continues with over $3 million spent each day on 25 major construction projects. Progress is happening!

The construction, part of a multi-billion-dollar capital-improvement program underway throughout LAX, will result in a modern airport that significantly improves the overall guest experience. Travelers using LAX in July, and during the remainder of the busy summer travel period, will need to plan ahead to navigate the sidewalk and vehicle lane closures and in-terminal work.

Roadway Impacts:

• Terminal 1 is located at the entrance to the airport, and passenger drop-off causes traffic backups on the roads leading into the CTA, affecting access to all other terminals. Drivers may find it easier to drop off passengers between Terminals 1 and 2. To avoid morning traffic congestion at LAX from early morning to 2 p.m., motorists are encouraged to use the Lower/Arrivals Level to drop off departing passengers, who can take elevators, escalators or stairs up to the departures level.

• Redevelopment of Terminal 7 has closed a 135-foot section of the passenger drop-off area on the Upper/Departures Level, which will remain in place through September.

• Some sidewalks on the Lower/Arrivals Level are restricted while improvements are made in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. There is also the potential for rotating lane closures on the Lower/Arrivals Level roadway nightly throughout the Central Terminal Area.

• A barricade installed for elevator and stairwell repairs on the west side of Parking Structure 3 has closed the adjacent traffic Lane 1 on the Lower/Arrivals Level for 24 hours a day. The work is expected to continue into November.

• Elevator and stairwell upgrades are being performed on the south side of Parking Structure 4 and will continue through August. Lane 1 adjacent to Parking Structure 4 on the Lower/Arrivals Level is closed 24 hours a day.

• Elevator upgrade work in Parking Structure 5 requires the closure of Lane 1 adjacent to the structure on the Lower/Arrivals Level 24 hours a day, with nightly closures of Lane 2. A portion of the right lane on West Way is also restricted. The work will continue until January 2017.

• Elevator upgrade work in Parking Structure 6 has closed a portion of Lane 1 through mid-July.

• Renovations to Elevator Towers 1 and 2 on the east side of Parking Structure 7 are underway, with a portion of the left lane on the Lower/Arrivals Level closed through July.

Terminal Construction/Renovation:

• Terminal 1: Phase 2 of Southwest Airlines’ $508-million Terminal 1 Renovation Project has moved to the eastern part of the terminal, including the former check-in area, with barricades in place. The pedestrian bridge connecting Parking Structure 1 and the terminal is closed, with signs placed to direct passengers. While restrooms on the ticketing level are closed for renovation, temporary unisex restrooms have opened on the western side of the lobby.

Passengers may also use restrooms located on the Lower/Arrivals Level or in the terminal beyond passenger security screening. Several gates on the east side of the terminal are out of service during construction, with a new Gate 13 opening this month. Westfield continues to phase the openings of new concessions, with a total of 24 to be installed through 2017.

• Terminal 2: LAWA’s $332-million Terminal 2 Modernization Project continues in the ticketing lobby, where barricades have split the airlines’ check-in operations. On the Lower/Arrivals Level, baggage carousels are taken out of operation one at a time for replacement. All Terminal 2 construction is scheduled for completion in 2017.

• Terminal 4 Connector: Passengers can use the Terminal 4 Connector to walk between the south side Terminals 4-8 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal after clearing federal passenger security screening. Additional features of the new building will be available this summer.

• Terminal 6: American Airlines has moved its American Eagle operation from Terminal 4 to Terminal 6. Passengers now board buses at Gate 60 and travel to the “Eagle’s Nest,” the on-airfield location of Gates 60-A through 60-I. Point The Way Café, Starbucks in the baggage claim area and Earthbar opened in June, joining Blu2o, Osteria by Fabio Viviani, Starbucks Evenings, The Habit Burger Grill, The Marketplace by Wolfgang Puck, and Wahoo's Fish Taco in a line-up of popular eateries.

• Terminals 7/8: United Airlines is continuing work on its $573-million Terminal 7/8 Renovation Project that is scheduled for completion in December 2017. Structural steel work is taking place behind barricades in front of the terminals. Gate 70A is closed until late August. The waiting area at Gate 71A has reopened.

United’s Baggage Service Office and Baggage Carousel 3 are closed while a new carousel is built and the office is upgraded. A new Baggage Carousel 4 recently opened. New restrooms have opened on the Lower/Arrivals Level. The elevated walkway to Parking Structure 7 is closed – access to the parking structure is available from the Lower/Arrivals Level. Keep in mind that Terminals 7 and 8 can be reached via East Way, a short-cut between the north and south terminals that eliminates the need to travel through the entire Central Terminal Area.

Sidewalk/Walkway/Parking Structure Restrictions and Closures:

• As part of the Terminal 1 Renovation Project, portions of the sidewalk on the Upper/Departures Level will be closed through 2017 with pedestrians routed around barricaded areas.

• Work to upgrade elevators in Parking Structure 1 will close a portion of the sidewalk on the Lower/Arrivals Level until later this summer.

• Work on the west side elevators in Parking Structure 3 has temporarily closed a portion of the sidewalk. There is a detour in place to lead passengers safely to the crosswalk to get to the terminal.

Signs are also posted to re-route passengers to other elevators in the parking structure.

• A portion of the top floor of Parking Structure 4 in unavailable during work on the adjacent heliport.

• Work to upgrade the elevator tower in Parking Structure 5 will reduce service to one elevator at a time through January.

• New lighting is being installed in several parking structures, and temporary parking restrictions may be in place.

• A bump-out sidewalk exists on the Upper/Departures Level at Terminal 7 for work to widen the sidewalk. A 175-foot-long barricade exists along the easternmost sidewalk of the Terminals 7/8 Upper/Departures Level, effectively closing that sidewalk through 2017.

• Landscaping work around Parking Structures 3 and 4 may result in sidewalk restrictions through July. Signs will be posted if and where necessary.

Airport officials are asking motorists to help reduce traffic congestion in and around LAX by taking public transportation to and from LAX, including the inexpensive and convenient FlyAway® bus service to and from Hollywood, Long Beach, Metro Orange Line Bus stop (in San Fernando Valley), Santa Monica, Union Station, Van Nuys and Westwood. If picking up passengers, motorists are encouraged to park and wait at the free LAX Cell Phone Waiting Lot at the intersection of 96th Street and Vicksburg Avenue, next to the entrance of LAX Economy Parking Lot C.

Los Angeles International Airport construction activities to cause passenger impacts

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