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Breaking news US Airways crash

US Airways A 320 Crashes Into Hudson River

eTN  Jan 15, 2009

US Airways Airbus A320 Watercraft are converging on a USAirways plane that is half-submerged in the Hudson River off the West 50’s of Manhattan.

No report about injuries
Plane is starting to sink.

Temperatures below freezing
Some passengers are standing on the wings
Ferry boats, fire department are assisting

According to Channel 4 television news, the plane apparently took off from LaGuardia Airport and was bound for Charlotte, N.C. and had 146 passengers and 5 crew members. The plane, according to the news report, may have hit a bird or birds. The pilot tried to return to the airport when the plane fell into the Hudson.

Later CNN reports mentioned 135 passengers on board
eTurboNews will update as information comes in.

US Airways A 320  Crashes Into Hudson River
Image via AP

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