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Bahamas still reviewing shark diving

UPI  Jan 13, 2009

The government in the Bahamas says it is still considering what steps it will take, if any, to regulate shark-diving boats after a tourist was killed last year.

The fatal attack occurred along a reef where the crew of a dive boat based in Florida chummed the water with bloody fish to draw in a number of sharks, and divers went into the water without a protective shark cage.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel said Monday cage-free dives continue despite calls for a ban, and the Ministry of Tourism has yet to issue any regulations.

"I can assure you this is still under review," said ministry spokeswoman Anita Patty. "What you're talking about is changing policy. We will definitely stay on top of it."

Environmentalists and shark experts disagree about the wisdom of the dives and whether they educate visitors about sharks or are merely a money-maker for the Bahamian tourism industry.

Bahamas still reviewing shark diving
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