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South African Airways focus on Mauritius is also good news for tourism from Australia

May 30, 2016

South African Airways (SAA), a member of the Star Alliance has further strengthened its route to Mauritius to meet growing demand from international visitors.

According to SAA’s Country Manager for Australasia, Tim Clyde-Smith, the airline will add an additional flight on Wednesday, bringing the route to double dailies from Johannesburg four days of the week on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and growing the route to eleven flights in total a week.

“We have experienced significant growth in demand by people wanting to travel to Mauritius with passengers increasing by 9.5% last year to more than 100,000 passengers a year,” Tim said.

“With Mauritius a top three destination from South Africa and for an increasing number of international tourists, the country holds strategic commercial value for the airline,” he said.

“As part of supporting inbound traffic to Mauritius we are carrying passengers from North and South America, the African continent, Europe and Australasia.”

“Mauritius remains one of the fastest growing economies in Africa with consistent demand-side growth in both business and leisure travel. SAA has been flying to Mauritius for 50 years, non-stop since 1957 and the route was one of SAA’s first African destinations.”

The route is operated by the Airbus A320, the latest arrival in the SAA fleet. Business Class customers can also make use of on-board Samsung tablets for in-flight entertainment on regional flights. Customers may take two bags of 23 kgs in economy class and two bags of 32 kgs in business class.

“Thanks to SAA’s flight schedule, Australian customers can now fly overnight to South Africa and connect with our Mauritius flight, arriving mid-afternoon that day. It makes reaching this increasingly popular destination much easier and faster,” Tim concluded.

South African Airways focus on Mauritius is also good news for tourism from Australia

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