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Bahrain Exhibition & Convention Authority

Bahrain Food & Hospitality Expo runs next week

eTN Staff Writer  Jan 08, 2009

The Bahrain Exhibition & Convention Authority (BECA) is set to open the Food and Hospitality Expo 2009 next week. The expo will be held from January 13-15 in Hall 2A of the Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre (BIEC).

Bahrain is positioned most advantageously in the GCC region. Its proximity to some of the biggest markets of food exporters and suppliers of hospitality equipment, namely, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates makes the island an ideal meeting forum for buyers and sellers from this region. With its cosmopolitan community and booming food and hospitality scene, Bahrain provides an exciting platform for direct and simplified business to business interaction. Bahrain’s fertile business environment is also an attractive facet of the country.

With English as the primary language of commerce, Bahrain’s status as the financial hub of the Middle East, impressive foreign direct investment figures, and pro-business economic conditions, such as a low inflation rate, attractive tax environment, and its exclusive Free Trade Agreement with the United States make it well suited for business. In a nutshell, Bahrain brings the best of the Middle East together into an exciting package for traders and clients.

Bahrain Food & Hospitality Expo runs next week
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