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Rest in peace Scott Rains

Tourism leader in accessible travel has passed

May 04, 2016

This morning, eTN publisher Juergen T. Steinmetz was saddened to receive an email from Patricia, wife of Scott Rains, about Scott's passing away on April 30.

“Scott was a visionary and icon, and this is a great loss for tourism and for equal treatment of challenged travelers. He was a true friend of eTurboNews,” said Steinmetz.

A colleague from Nepal, Pankaj Pradhananga, who had worked with Scott in realizing important initiatives in accessible tourism, had this to say:

“It was hard to believe that the life of this charismatic leader in the disability community, a globetrotter, and a warrior of the accessible tourism movement had come to an end.

“My first meeting with Scott (along with Laurent) was at Ed Roberts Campus back in July 2013. This was the meeting that motivated us to take the initiatives for #accessible #Tourism in #Nepal. It was an honor to welcome him to Nepal and travel with him in May 2014. At the end of the trip I [had] found a friend and a mentor in him. He also connected me to many more wonderful friends.

“We are ever grateful [for] his guidance and encouragement to work towards accessible tourism goals.

“Scott, may your soul remain happy in the barrier-FREE new world. Adios amigo!”

Tourism leader in accessible travel has passed
Scott Rains

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