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Europe Looking To China, Russia, Japan, And India For Growth

CEOs of major European cities work together on travel and tourism

eTN Staff Writer  Jan 08, 2009

Europe is looking to China, Russia, Japan, and India for growth over the next 10 years according to research conducted by the WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council). The CEOs of 14 city tourist offices of European capital cities recently met in Paris to discuss ways of adapting services to target these markets.

“It is a truly challenging situation for all of us today, and I really appreciate your coming and joining our CEO meeting. European Cities Marketing (ECM) is all about sharing - sharing information, intelligence, and experience. There are no secrets within ECM, we all form our network, we display our knowledge, and learn from the
experience of the others,” said Frank Magee (ECM president and CEO of Dublin Tourism), opening the afternoon session.

ECM, with the financial support of IMEX and the personal presence of Ray Bloom (chairman of IMEX), organized the 2nd CEO dinner, this time enhanced by an
afternoon workshop and discussion. Two major topics were discussed during this meeting: the economic situation and the Chinese market in Europe. Jean-Claude Baumgarten, president of the World Travel and Tourism Council, gave participants important data concerning the impact of the economic environment on travel and tourism. In his presentation, he outlined several forecasts of future economic development and also pointed out that, despite some expectations, the market is still growing - within its niches.

Mr. Mang Chen, managing director of CAISSA Touristic Group AG, introduced the context of the Chinese market in Europe within the political and historical background of China and Europe. He offered an insider’s view on the Chinese incoming market by providing information about difficulties when organizing touristic circuits and stays for Chinese tourists in Europe.

Next year’s CEO meeting will take place in Copenhagen on November 23, 2009.

CEOs of major European cities work together on travel and tourism
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