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Buquebus becomes Hahn Air Systems’ first-ever ferry partner

Apr 27, 2016

DREIEICH, Germany - Hahn Air Systems introduces Buquebus as the number one ferry partner to take advantage of its 5W-Rail&Shuttle product. This is a new era for both Hahn Air Systems and Buquebus, as it is the first time that maritime services will be available under the 5W two-letter code in all major GDSs worldwide. Tickets for Buquebus under the 5W code can be reserved and issued by over 95,000 travel agencies on the Hahn Air HR-169 document.

Buquebus is an Argentinian/Uruguayan company providing shuttle services between Buquebus Terminal in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires (BBE) and Buquebus Terminal in Montevideo (FMV). The passenger cabin of its Francisco ferry includes Tourist, Business and First Class seating. During high season, Buquebus offers 2 return crossings per day.

Alexander Proschka, Head of Hahn Air Systems, said “We’re thrilled to maximise Buquebus’ reach by unlocking indirect sales channels. Overnight we’ve created a win-win situation for both our first ferry partner and travel agents worldwide who can now bring their passengers one step closer to their final destinations in Argentina and Uruguay.”

Buquebus’ Commercial Manager, Alejandro Dieguez commented “The cooperation with Hahn Air Systems is a major milestone not only in our operations but also for ferry travel around the world. Now that we’re visible to over 95,000 travel agencies under the code 5W, we can look forward to new business opportunities and increased revenue.”

According to Proschka, the partnership with Buquebus is just the beginning of Hahn Air Systems mission to connect ferry and shuttle partners around the world for intermodal travel under the 5W code.

Buquebus becomes Hahn Air Systems’ first-ever ferry partner

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