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Overwhelmingly Approve Wage And Benefit Concessions

Frontier pilots ratify long-term agreement

eTN Staff Writer  Jan 06, 2009

DENVER, CO - Members of the Frontier Airline Pilots Association (FAPA) today ratified a long-term labor agreement with the airline. The agreement will extend certain wage and benefit concessions through December 2011. Nearly 85 percent of votes cast were in favor of ratification. Of the 454 votes cast, 384 voted yes, only 70 voted no.

"Our pilots once again have demonstrated their willingness to help Frontier's leadership move our airline toward sustainability and growth," said Frontier president and chief executive officer Sean Menke. "This agreement is important because now 100 percent of our workers have made wage and benefit concessions, a factor that will prove critical in attracting exit financing for our emergence from bankruptcy," Menke added.

"The leadership of the Frontier Airline Pilots Association and its members understand the challenges Frontier is facing and appreciate the joint effort made in reaching this agreement," said FAPA president John Stemmler. "This agreement is a clear demonstration of our commitment to Frontier and our belief in its long-term success."

The Frontier Airline Pilots Association represents more than 600 pilots at Frontier.

Frontier pilots ratify long-term agreement
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