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R.O.A.R.: Palestinians hold the prospect of peace in their own hands, yet constantly throw it away

Bob Nesoff, Metro Publishing  Jan 05, 2009

Palestinians are the conduit of their own salvation, yet persistently choose the path of violence over the opportunity to live full, peaceful and productive lives. Yet it is interesting to note that Hazel Heyer, one of your staff writers, can only see the tragedy from the Palestinian viewpoint.

Where was she while the Katyushia rockets rained down on Israeli towns? Did she have anything to say when suicide bombers killed scores or innocent Israeli civilians in market places, on buses and in synagogues?

She says that the Israelis dropped bombs on "...smuggling tunnels that allegedly they claim to be a weapons conduit for the Gaza Strip's Islamic Hamas..."

Claim? Does she wear blinders or is she so biased that she cannot she the bombs for her own political viewpoint? Hamas' penchant for setting up in the midst of civilian and residential areas is well documented. Therefore, no matter how surgical the Israelis are in their strikes there are always collateral civilian casualties. These Hamas cowards know this will happen and yet they use their own people for political propaganda purposes.

It is interesting to note the "protestors" against Israel and the United States. Where were these people when the Twin Towers and Pentagon were attacked with 3,000 innocent civilian casualties? Not a word from them except for the street celebrations as the Towers burned. Then, to add insult to injury, these coward attempted to spread the lie that it was a Mossad plot. Where was Ms. Heyer's voice then?

While there is collateral civilian damage from Israeli air strikes, they have never directly targeted similar areas in Palestinian territory. Yet the brave Palestinians aim at schools, synagogues, market places, hospitals...any target they know cannot fight back. Then when Israel retaliates, they scream for revenge. This is a mind set that belongs in a mental institution, not on the world political stage with civilized people.

Israel has given up territory in is quest for peace. What other nation in the history of the world has done so voluntarily? The list would be pretty small. Russia still occupies islands it took from Japan, the U.S. still hold Puerto Rico, England still holds some of its colonial territory. But Israel cedes land to the Palestinians who simply upscale demands for more and more. They know they will get sympathy and support from the Hazel Heyers of the world.

If she is a "staff writer" for your site, I think I no longer wish to receive such propaganda from a one-sided entity. I have little to no hope that this rebuttal will be made public.

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R.O.A.R.:  Palestinians hold the prospect of peace in their own hands, yet constantly throw it away
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