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Need a tour guide in Morocco? The Ministry of Tourism guarantees quality - it's the law

Apr 09, 2016

A law in Morocco was implemented in February to improve the quality of the services provided by tour guides. Law 05-12 also has the purpose to regulate tour guide services and allow professionals in this business to benefit from better recognition in the travel and tourism industry of the kingdom.

That law aims to raise skill, training, and access for this profession . The law regulates diploma requirements, and is helping to structure requirements and activities for tour guides.

As such , special diplomas will be required for guides showing national parks and heritage areas. A special licenses will be issued for this. The Ministry of Tourism will soon announce the graduation of the first 20 specialty guides with such a license.

Similarly in October 2015, the Ministry of Tourism launched a pilot training program for city guides. Training was conducted at the International Higher Institute of Tangier. This job specific two year training program , will assure guides graduating are highly qualified.

Along with the initial training, the Ministry of Tourism will launch a training program for more than 2,800 authorized guides . This training program is now a mandatory requirement necessary for the renewal of licenses.

Such a mandatory education program will upgrade and strengthen the knowledge and skills of licensed guides in order to meet the expectations of international travelers. Tourists are increasingly demanding in terms of quality and safety .

Also, the Ministry of Tourism will conduct a professional examination for candidates with experience in this field and with certain skills. In order to pass such an exam subjects guides must be trained in security, first aid, accompanying techniques, and foreign languages.

These new regulations will assure visitors to Morocco and travel agents or tour operators selling Morocco , they are in good hands when hiring licensed local guides.

Need a tour guide in Morocco? The Ministry of Tourism guarantees quality - it's the law

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