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Russian airline considering buying Bulgarian carrier

Feb 28, 2016

MOSCOW, Russia - Russian S7 Airlines (S7, Novosibirsk) is considering acquiring a Bulgarian airline according to a report by Russia's Kommersant. The move would allow S7 to increase its presence in the European market and would allow it to fly to Ukraine and overfly the country with its new Bulgarian subsidiary saving flight time on flights from Moscow to Europe.

S7's chairwoman Natalia Fileva told RIA Novosti that there are several Bulgarian airlines that would be of interest for an acquisition but that the price tags would be too high right now. S7 is also considering setting up a subsidiary in Cyprus and has already filed documentation in the country to obtain a license.

In Bulgaria, Bulgaria Air (FB, Sofia), Air Via (VL, Sofia) and BH Air - Balkan Holidays Air (8H, Sofia) have been mentioned as potential acquisition targets.

Russian airline considering buying Bulgarian carrier

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