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Hawaii's high tech industry joins forces with wedding and hospitality industry

Feb 19, 2016

LAHAINA, Maui, Hawaii - The High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) is pleased to sponsor the inaugural WedTech Summit Maui event - the first-to-market wedding conference and community uniting big brands and startups, and the technology that drives this $300 billion industry.


WedTech Summit Maui - The Conference for Creating the Future of the Wedding Industry


Royal Lahaina Resort
Lahaina, Maui


Feb. 22 and 23


•    Wedding and hospitality professionals
•    Tech start-ups
•    Investors
•    Thelma Alane, HTDC Innovation Program Manager

WedTech is the first wedding conference to look behind the veil, cupcakes, and champagne bubbles to reveal a goldmine of killer apps, platforms and wearables.

“HTDC sees the synergy between our innovative spirit, our must do destination wedding and our world class travel brand as being an untapped opportunity for Hawaii,” said Robbie Melton, executive director and CEO at HTDC.

HTDC is sponsoring a booth at the event, which will feature local tech companies that can provide innovative event technology, like LED flowers and four companies from the Maui College Food innovation program, featuring cacao products, artisan donuts and specialty cupcakes.

Takeaways include: practical lessons for brands, startups and businesses, growing community through creative, authentic, amplification tactics, and showcasing futurists inventing the technology and trends pivoting the wed-market.

Thelma Alane, HTDC innovation program manager will be a panelist on Raising Capital Tips + Tricks to get funded breakout session and the MC for the Ian McFarland Lunch: Learn the Aloha Principle, and How to Build your Business like a Lean Startup.

Hawaii's high tech industry joins forces with wedding and hospitality industry

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