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African penguins move to Miami Seaquarium

Feb 13, 2016

MIAMI, FL - The first quarter of the year is known as award season. Celebrities and A-listers don their glamorous best for The Golden Globes, Emmys, Tonys and Oscars. On February 11th, Miami Seaquarium introduced its own tuxedo-clad celebrities, when ten endangered penguins moved into the park's newest exhibit, "Penguin Isle."

As soon as guests walk up to "Penguin Isle", they are greeted by over-sized, colorful graphics and educational displays about penguins and the challenges they face in the wild. The new penguin habitat, which features an 800-square-foot rocky, dry area and adjoining 9,000 gallon pool, is home to 10 endangered African penguins. Guests will be able to come face to face with the penguins, viewing them both above and below the water through large acrylic windows and an acrylic underwater swimming tunnel.

"Penguins are consistently one of the most popular animals to visit at zoos and aquariums," said Andrew Hertz, general manager of Miami Seaquarium. "We are thrilled that our guests are able to observe these fascinating creatures and at the same time learn about this endangered species and what we can do to help preserve our feathered friends."

The African Penguin, scientific name is Spheniscus demersus, is the only species that breeds in Africa and is not found anywhere else in the world. Their scientific name comes from the Greek work spen which means wedge and demersus which means plunging. This refers to their streamlined bodies which enable them to swim fast and travel long distances. African Penguins are found in Africa's south-western coastal waters and islands.

Miami Seaquarium, South Florida's most popular tourist attraction, is a family-oriented marine-life park open to the public 365 days a year. The park provides visitors with a greater understanding and appreciation for marine life through shows, presentations and marine-life exhibits.

African penguins move to Miami Seaquarium
Miami Seaquarium introduced its own tuxedo-clad celebrities

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