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AA Provides A300 Aircraft To Support Mission

American Airlines crew chief leads employee humanitarian mission to Haiti

eTN Staff Writer  Dec 19, 2008

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines employee William Dise today will lead a group of 30 American employees to deliver much-needed assistance to residents of Haiti in time for Christmas. The mission will primarily provide aid to those affected by the collapse of a school in Port-au-Prince in November that killed or injured hundreds. The flight to Port-au-Prince will depart from Miami International Airport.

Dise, an American Airlines employee for 28 years, is a Denver-based crew chief who, for more than a decade, has frequently volunteered to organize missions to assist those in need in the United States and elsewhere. On this mission, he garnered the support of Airline Ambassadors (, a nonprofit organization founded in 1992 by American Airlines flight attendant Nancy Rivard.

American Airlines is also supporting the cause by providing an Airbus A300 aircraft to deliver food, medical supplies, baby products, clothing, and various other much-needed resources. In addition, American's pilots and flight attendants are volunteering their time to support the flight. The cost to pay for the 6,800 gallons of fuel needed for the trip was covered by Airline Ambassadors, Mariah Fuels, as well as churches and friends of Dise.

The 30-employee group will load approximately 80,000 pounds of goods into both the cabin and cargo areas of the 260-seat widebody aircraft. Donations came from a number of organizations, including the Church of Latter Day Saints and Project CARE, a Colorado nonprofit organization. The shipment is valued at more than $1 million and will be delivered to the needy in Port-au-Prince, as well as to areas outside the Haiti capital, including Gonaives and other towns. Nonprofit groups, including Feed the Children and Mother Teresa's orphanage, will help distribute the goods.

"In the years I have known him, William Dise has always been an advocate for those in need," said Tom Del Valle, American Airlines senior vice president - airport services. "He has devoted much of his 28 years with American to supporting people around the world. He is very much appreciated inside and outside the airline industry. He simply is a phenomenal human being."

American Airlines and its employees are known for their generosity, contributing more than $25 million annually to social and community causes. Numerous employees use their industry knowledge and their flight privileges to create nonprofit organizations to help others. Cargo agent Glenda Johnson, for example, founded Medical Wings (, an organization that takes medical professionals, food, and health-related supplies to underprivileged countries approximately four times a year. Johnson also provides and serves food to the homeless in the Dallas area one weekend per month.

American Airlines crew chief leads employee humanitarian mission to Haiti
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