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R.O.A.R.: Return to Baja California

Jean L. Bitterlin  Dec 19, 2008

I live in northern Baja California, Mexico, that is ironically living a death by media. I say ironic because as a result of Mexico's president waging a war against drugs going the United States, the drug cartels are fighting among themselves with decapitations and gruesome murders using primarily weapons smuggled from the US. The media has confused the public into believing they are not safe in our area.

The murders are very real, the targets are not tourists though, but warring cartel members and many crooked police. The kidnap victims are primarily Mexican businessmen that hopefully can pay million dollar ransoms, not creditless card carrying tourists.

The result is our tourism industry is dying a quick death, causing a hungry neighbor to the South, not a good thing. Maybe the "war" tour guides could bring their business here, search for the body count, etc. Things happen, but rarely to tourists.

There are wrong neighborhoods in all cities of the world, and knowledgeable tourists know where to visit. Our violence is not the result of terrorism, that unfortunately is focused on innocent citizens and tourists, as has happened in India, US, Spain, Great Britain, etc.

Baja California wants the media to clarify the difference. We have much to offer our visitors. May the travel agents help us promote and return our visitors.

R.O.A.R.:  Return to Baja California
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