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Annual Hotel Issue 2008

Searching for the sexiest hotel?

eTN Staff Writer  Dec 02, 2008, which has converted the content of its famous award-winning hotel guides into a comprehensive and complimentary online hotel database, is pleased to announce the release of its Annual Hotel Issue for 2008. In preparation for the publication, the professionals who write for visited and revisited thousands of hotels to update their ratings and informative reviews.

Readers looking to stretch their travel budgets will enjoy the Top 10 Value Hotels in the US, as well as methods for securing the best deals on hotels throughout the world. For the first time, names the Sexiest Hotels across the country.

The highly-anticipated issue also features the Top 10 New Hotels in the US and spans the globe for the Top 10 Remote Hotels worldwide. Because also contains thousands of restaurant reviews, the culinary experts include their selections of the country's Top 10 Hotel Restaurants.

The newsletter also details the most-important travel trends, such as hotel spas growing larger and more lavish despite trying economic times. Readers are encouraged to submit their comments and suggestions in the online community and now can post their own reviews for every hotel on the site.

Searching for the sexiest hotel?
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