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US Airways

US Airways bonus miles return

Following an outcry from frequent fliers, US Airways has brought back mileage-award perks for regular customers.

The airline said it is restoring bonus miles and minimum mileage awards for frequent fliers. Even better for road warriors: The changes will be retroactive.

In February, US Airways became the first major airline to stop giving frequent fliers a minimum of 500 miles for short flights. In June, it dropped bonus miles awards, costing those at the highest level of the airline's Dividend Miles program half the miles they would have gotten without the change.

No other major airlines have eliminated bonus miles, and US Airways has been roundly criticized on Internet message boards and elsewhere for the cuts in frequent-flier awards.

With many customers pledging to switch airlines, US Airways reversed course Thursday.

US Airways bonus miles return
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By | Nov 24, 2008


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