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Mexico Tourism

Mexico tourism thriving amid economic crisis and high flight rates

eTN Staff Writer  Nov 23, 2008

According to the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and Mexico’s tourism, the economic crisis and the high prices of flight tickets are actually helping to boost tourism in Mexico.

In the last six months, Mexico’s beach hot spots have surpassed other traditionally popular Caribbean gateways such as Bahamas and Bermudas, according to recently released figures from CTO. “Mexico and the Mayan Riviera are leading this trend attracting foreigners mainly from USA and Canada. Cancun, Mexico’s top tourist destination, continues to lead the list with a growth of 6 percent between January and August 2008.”

CTO stated that due to the economic crisis in the United States, which has in turn impacted the global economy, people are becoming more selective and careful about getting as much information as possible before making a decision. “They are still traveling, but have become more discerning; they are looking for best quality, service and pricier options,” the tourism organization said in a release.

it added that one of Cancun’s greatest advantages is its connectivity having the second largest airport in Mexico and being the country’s airport receiving the largest number of international daily flights in Latin America with connections to more than 180 destinations worldwide.

According to the National Immigration Institute of Mexico, 41 percent of all foreign tourists visiting the country arrive to the Cancun airport followed by Mexico City with 27 percent. This trend is also true for Europe. Due to the exchange rate dollar-euro, more US travelers are leaning towards closer and pricier options to spend their vacations wisely.


Mexico tourism thriving amid economic crisis and high flight rates
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