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Nigeria Corruption

eTN Inbox: Nigeria’s corruption shame

Nov 19, 2008

What a shame the varies factions in Nigeria remain incapable of ridding
themselves of their prejudices - and to unite and promote their country.
Having worked in the airline and travel sectors in Nigeria I have witnessed
first hand the potential for attracting both the business and leisure markets.

With the right infrastructure Nigeria could be a success story. But this is
out of the question just as long as the country is deep in corruption (at all levels of society) and there appear to be few with influence prepared to put individual, selfish, downright greed and dishonestly to one side and devote their efforts to Nigeria.

Unfortunately I fear that I and others will be making similar pleas in ten years time because it would take strong government and the commercial sectors to combine, to be proud and lift Nigeria into It’s rightful place as potentially one of the most interesting travel and Tourism destinations in the globe.

What opportunities are lost as each day passes! Quite incredulous!

Geoffrey Gray-Forton, FCIM
Former Senior Vice President (Europe)
Africa Travel Association - and

Founder and Chairman
International Travel Development

eTN Inbox:  Nigeria’s corruption shame
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