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Over 100 Fuel Tankers Stuck At The Border

Fuel shortage hits Kampala again

Wolfgang H. Thome  Nov 01, 2008

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - While over 100 fuel tankers are reportedly stuck at the border as a result of a driver's strike and the alleged snail's-pace clearance by customs, Kampala and other urban centers have run short of fuel, and the international airport, too, is said to be affected with no new deliveries for the past two days. This, however, could not be independently confirmed by the time of going to press.

The fuel companies predictably blame delayed clearances at the border for fuel coming from the main end-of-pipeline depot in Eldoret / Kenya, and the wildcat strike of drivers protesting against the appalling conditions of the customs parking yard at Malaba, of course, has added further woes to the supply situation in the country and beyond.

As a result of the shortage, said to last several more days at least, prices have gone up again and fuel stations began to ration their remaining stocks, selling only small quantities to customers or even closing for the day.
Safari operators normally have sufficient stock at their depots to operate booked safaris without running out of fuel, but visitors arriving imminently in Uganda are advised to consult their agents in case of any doubts.

Meanwhile, President Museveni demanded an immediate report on the border cargo clearance situation from the Uganda Revenue Authority, having summoned earlier in the week several cabinet ministers to Malaba to investigate the terrible state of the parking yards, after hearing complaints from the drivers when driving to Nairobi for the IGAD Summit.

Fuel shortage hits Kampala again
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