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Court Painted Grim Picture For Tourists

'A foreign tourist is the easiest prey'  Oct 20, 2008

NEW DELHI - "A foreign tourist is the easiest prey" - a Delhi sessions court had lamented hardly two months ago, while sentencing two taxi drivers fo
r the rape and murder of Australian tourist Dawn Emilie Griggs in 2004. Prophetic words, given the audacity with which 39-year-old K T Shameer was killed.

The trial court, in its judgment on the Grigg's case, had drawn a grim picture of the capital's ability to protect foreign visitors. That it wasn't an unfounded fear was proved by the latest incident where two taxi drivers allegedly robbed and murdered an NRI after picking him from the airport.

In its verdict, which it hoped would act as a deterrent for future offenders, the trial court had termed the crime a ghastly one, befitting maximum penalty because those who are meant to act as facilitators and guides for foreigners seemed to "have an eye on some defenceless tourist".

Shameer's murder bears an uncanny similarity to the brutal murder of Griggs four years ago. Griggs was murdered after being taken to a deserted area on March 17, 2004, hours after landing at IGI airport from Hong Kong.

Apalled by what it termed as a "breach of trust'' the trial court had reminded those in favour of a lighter sentence for the guilty duo, that their crime was more heinous because "the victim in the present case was a foreigner... who was totally dependent on the hospitality provided to her by our people. She was totally defenceless and unprotected.''

'A foreign tourist is the easiest prey'
Urban New Delhi, where "a foreign tourist is the easiest prey" /

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