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Emirates Aborts Flight

Australia-Dubai flight aborted after 'burning smell': airline

AFP  Oct 16, 2008

SYDNEY — An Emirates flight from Australia to Dubai was aborted and the aircraft returned to Perth after a burning smell was detected, the airline said Thursday.

All passengers on flight EK425 disembarked normally after the plane landed safely and would be rescheduled on another Emirates flight later in the day, a spokesman said in a statement.

About 120 passengers were reportedly on the Airbus A340.

"The decision to return to Perth was a precautionary measure one-and-a-half hours into the flight," the statement said.

"Contrary to some media reports, there was no smoke in the cockpit or the cabin of the aircraft. Safety was not compromised at any point."

Aircraft engineers were investigating the source of the burning smell, the spokesman said.

Emergency vehicles and fire crews were alerted, but they did not need to take any action, an airport spokesman said.

Australia-Dubai flight aborted after 'burning smell': airline
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