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Le Méridien Partners With illy Café

The ultimate coffee experience

eTN  Oct 09, 2008

BANGKOK, Thailand – Le Méridien partnered with illy café in a strategic and creative alliance, based on their mutual European roots and shared commitment to excellence and passion for contemporary creativity. illy and Le Méridien are also joined by their shared commitment to providing guests with unique experiences.

illy’s focus is to produce and market world-wide a single, leading-quality blend of espresso, made using nine types of pure Arabica. It also takes a leading role in culture, literature, fashion, design and the arts.

Le Méridien is committed to providing its guests with enriching, cultural experiences in a new way. Focused on connecting guests with their passion for art, architecture, design, fashion, film and food.

Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien associates, will be specially trained and certified to serve the signature Italian-style coffee beverages, ensuring that illy’s passion for quality is preserved.

illy coffee is available in all hotel outlets. To discover more, please e-mail, call the hotel directly +66 (0) 2650 8800 or visit .

The ultimate coffee experience

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