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Caribbean Travel Update

WinAir to begin travel to and from Montserrat starting October 1

eTN  Sep 29, 2008

You are now able to book flights on WinAir for travel to and from Montserrat beginning October 1, 2008. Please note carefully the following though:

The flight schedule available is currently only up to November 30, 2008. The schedule for travel beyond November 30, 2008 should be available within the next couple of weeks.

WinAir flights have been loaded into the GDS (Airline Global Distribution System) so travel agents can book flights on WinAir for clients (currently in the Sabre system and should be in others soon).

If you are booking online at , please note that Montserrat is currently not up on the home page when you click down on the "To" and "From" menu box. WinAir is working on this problem and it should be corrected within a few days. However, if you click on the More Options button just next to the Search box below the booking grid on the home page, a booking screen will come up that will allow you to book flights to Montserrat. The weblink attached below will take you directly to this booking page where Montserrat does show up on the bookings menu and you will then be able to book your flights.
Note again though that if you try to book a flight from December 1, 2008 onwards, the system will not allow you to do so until the flights for December onwards are loaded (which should be in 2 weeks or so).

If you are holding tickets for travel to Montserrat from October 1, 2008 and beyond on either LIAT or Carib Aviation, please contact the source of your booking (travel agent, airline offices, airline website) for refunds.

WinAir to begin travel to and from Montserrat starting October 1

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