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New Media Offers Content Summaries And Expert Interviews Tailored For Busy Executives

BCD Travel releases insight on corporate travel podcasts

eTN  Sep 26, 2008

UTRECHT, The Netherlands (September 26, 2008) – BCD Travel, the world’s third-largest global travel management company, today announced the release of a series of podcasts based on the company’s recent publication, Insight on Corporate Travel. The podcasts feature both high-level content summaries and in-depth interviews with industry experts from BCD Travel and the company’s independent consulting practice, Advito, exploring the significance behind the figures and trends contained within Insight on Corporate Travel.

Interested listeners can hear the podcasts online at , or download them to their computer or MP3 device.

Louise Miller, executive vice president for Global Business Strategy and Solutions, sales and marketing for BCD Travel, said, “We are delighted to introduce, within the context of our expanding new media strategy, this podcast series. Insight on Corporate Travel contains a wealth of valuable information for travel buyers and managers, and our goal was to maximize its utility for our clients and the market place. Podcasts are particularly valuable for time-pressed executives, serving as a portable executive summary that can be played while traveling and easily passed on to other key management stakeholders.”

Released at the National Business Travel Association’s 40th Annual Convention and Trade Show earlier this year, Insight on Corporate Travel analyzes and comments on BCD Travel’s annual Travel Program Survey. The survey represents the views of 333 BCD Travel customers from major markets across the globe.

In the podcasts, senior executives from BCD Travel and Advito delve into the figures and trends from the Travel Program Survey, and explain what they mean for travel managers and buyers. The series includes:

• Key highlights from the 2008 Travel Program Survey: Insight on Corporate Travel Overview
• Setting goals and meeting challenges: Travel Management Drivers and Programs
• The building blocks of a successful travel program: Travel Management Policies and Services
• Feeling the crunch in a seller’s market: Strategic Sourcing
• Improving travel program performance bit by byte: Technology and Information, Data and Expense Management
• When business travel goes beyond green: Corporate Social Responsibility

Insight on Corporate Travel is an invaluable benchmarking and planning resource for those who manage travel, examining travel program strategy, travel policy trends and supplier sourcing issues, as well as major travel areas such as air, hotel, car, rail and meetings. The complete publication, in addition to the podcasts, can be downloaded at .

BCD Travel releases insight on corporate travel podcasts

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