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Finnair could buy SAS long distance routes

Unal Basusta, eTN  Sep 22, 2008

Will the SAS long distance network be taken over by Finnair?

The Finnish airline Finnair is interested in buying SAS long-distance network. "We would like to buy the long distance network if it’s for sale," says Finnair boss, Jukka Heinonen.

He thinks that this would be a natural area for Finnair to expand in order to make the airline more competitive internationally.

The Scandinavian Airline System, SAS has economic problems and last week it was reported that Lufthansa was considering a take-over of the Scandinavian airline.

However, Finnair is also struggling with high fuel costs and strong competition in the international market for plane passengers. Earlier this week Finnair announced that it would be laying-off 400 employees, after wage negotiations with the unions had broken down.

Finnair could buy SAS long distance routes

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