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Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic drops flights across the board

Unal Basusta, eTN Ambassador  Sep 05, 2008

British carrier Virgin Atlantic has announced it is cutting flights on routes with light load factors including Washington Dulles, Mumbai, New York JFK and the Caribbean.

The main route cancellations are Heathrow to Washington Dulles, which is currently served twice daily by Virgin. One of these flights will be cut on various dates this month and next. Westbound Virgin Atlantic flight 55 at 1730 and eastbound flight VS56 at 2310 between September 3 and October 22 have been cancelled. Passengers will be rebooked the same day on flight 21 at 1130 and flight 22 at 1840.

Virgin Atlantic is also removing westbound flight 21 and eastbound flight 22 from the schedule on 15 separate dates between September 10 and October 20 in favor of rebooking passengers the same day on flights 55 and 56.

Virgin operates once daily to Mumbai. Flight 350 from Heathrow at 2200 returning as flight 351 (the following day) at 1335 are being withdrawn on eight separate dates between September 16 and October 9. Passengers are being rebooked on the same flights one day later.

Also affected Virgin’s Heathrow to New York JFK route. The airline said it is removing one daily return flight pair from its winter schedule. This means that flight 25 at 1800 from Heathrow and flight 26 at 0730 from JFK is being suspended effective from October 26.

The British carrier also said, other flight cancellations, taking place this month, will cover services out of Gatwick to Barbados, St. Lucia and Antigua. Next January there are a number of cancellations between Gatwick, Manchester and Orlando.

“A small number of flights on certain dates will not be operating due to lower, out of season demand,” said Virgin’s spokesperson. “We are in the process of contacting passengers or their travel agents who have already made bookings to advise them of the alternative arrangements.”

Virgin Atlantic drops flights across the board
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