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You can’t hide the trash from the tourism

George Vulcanescu,  Sep 03, 2008

Holiday stations are not so crowded because of the authorities’ and economic agents’ disregard.

The dream of raising the tourism’s share in the Gross Domestic Income continues to be a hypothesis, as long as in the background of the seaside holiday pictures, one can notice the political administrators’ remissness, but also the poor accommodation conditions. No wonder that, in spite of some individual efforts, the Romanian tourism looses ground, instead of winning.

In July, there was a 1,6 % decrease in the level of occupying the accommodation structures, in comparison with last year’s same month, especially in the seaside tourism. The decrease registered in the number of nights of accommodation indicates a flightiness of the tourists.

Comfort and the quality of the services or of the ways of access are enough reasons to determine them to change the place of spending the free time. The statistical figures show, after almost 20 years, that diversity is not the alternative in the Romanian tourism; because, the alternative is the external tourism only.

You can’t hide the trash from the tourism

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