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Weak US Dollar

eTN Inbox: Weak US dollar

Aug 29, 2008

I read your comments and the research about the US travelers going to Canada and Mexico, and I wanted to add a little unknown fact.

The dollar-to-euro exchange rate is bad no matter how you look at it, and it will stay that way for a while...

That means a traveler heading to Europe will find few luxury bargains--except in Portugal.

Portugal is only 6 hours away from NY, something very few people know.
Portugal's many 5-star hotels represent a real value when compared to similar properties in other European nations.

A full week at a 5-star hotel in Lisbon can be about the same price as just one or two nights at a luxury hotel in other European capitals and compares favorably to Canada and Mexico as well!

The lodging options throughout Portugal are varied and expanding. Travelers may find a unique, locally owned hotel such as the Lapa Palace and Pestana Palace in Lisbon, or high end properties like the Hotel Rei Humberto Il De Italia in Cascais and the AguaPura Resort in Lamego.

Brand new international companies are now offering luxury resorts in Portugal, including the Marriott Praia D'el Rey in Obidos, the Westin Camporeal Golf Resort & Spa and Columbo's Resort, currently under construction on the island of Porto Santo.
And, luxury cruise are to be enjoyed on the beautiful valley of the Douro River or the Guadiana More luxuries. More spas. More for your dollar--that's the norm when travelers discover Portugal.

So our poor US dollar can still give you good return on the money if you go to wonderful Lisbon! And after that check out the other charms of Portugal.
Being a small country, it’s easy to drive through and explore.

Ilan Geva
Chicago, Illinois

eTN Inbox:  Weak US dollar
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