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European Warning

European countries warn tourists against violence in Mexico  Aug 28, 2008

Many European countries have alerted their tourists against rising violence in Mexico and warned them about the links between Mexican police agents and organized crime, reports by the daily El Universal have said.

The governments of Germany, Britain and Switzerland advised their citizens to be cautious during trips to Mexico.

The countries told their citizens that Mexican policemen have been involved in crimes like robberies, homicides and kidnappings.

The German Foreign Ministry advised its citizens not to resist if they fell victim to any crime in Mexico, because that might threaten their lives.

Criminal acts in Mexico have surged considerably recently and "unfortunately," police forces are involved in the violence, said the German government.

Britain's Foreign Ministry told its citizens that they must be cautious and discreet when openly discussing their financial or business issues in Mexico.

The Swiss Foreign Ministry also said on its website there have been proven cases of policemen being involved in criminal acts in Mexico.

Agents with connections to extortion, kidnapping and drug trafficking could be found at all levels of the Mexican police force, El Universal reports quoted the General Prosecutor's office as saying.

According to El Universal, police agents have been involved in half of the kidnappings registered from 2002 to 2008.

European countries warn tourists against violence in Mexico

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