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Airline emergency

Condor German Airlines makes emergency stop in Mombassa

Dr. Wolfgang Thome, eTN Uganda  Aug 22, 2008

German holiday airline Condor, enroute from Mauritius to Frankfurt / Germany with over 270 passengers and crew on board, had to make an emergency landing at Kenya‚s Mombasa Moi International Airport yesterday (Thursday) around lunch time. Reports from Kenya‚s coastal city say that problems apparently occurred inflight with one of the plane‚s two engines, which developed vibrations and probably also leaked fuel.

The crew, after shutting down the faulty engine, then decided to land the plane in Mombasa, where the emergency services including fire engines were subsequently put on alert and deployed. The Boeing 767 landed however without any incident and all passengers and crew were able to disembark normally. A relief plane is due in Mombasa today (Friday) to fly passengers and crew home to Germany after they spent an extra unscheduled day at the Indian Ocean beaches of Mombasa.

Happening only a day after the Madrid Spanair crash the precautions taken by the crew and their prompt reaction and decision to rather land the plane in Kenya to establish the cause of the problem was generally applauded by the affected passengers, according to a report from Mombasa.

Condor German Airlines makes emergency stop in Mombassa

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